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Servant and Service Areas




The floor is made up of individually laid flagstones, cemented into 
place, grouted and sealed just as real ones would be



This is the housekeeper's bedroom, in the basement, but private and cosy. 
One of the old Tudor beds has found its way down here - a little shabby, 
but sturdy and comfortable.  She has left her candle snuffer next to the candlesticks on the mantel.


The fireplace in the housekeeper's room, a large mantel affords space 
to display a few treasures.  The toasting fork is on the fender ready for tea.




Many of the household soft furnishings would be made here, and some of the 
clothing for the family. It is equipped with a mannequin, a spinning wheel, and 
a lace pillow on a pillow horse. Lace was extremely expensive - worth more 
than its weight in gold - so an accomplished lacemaker would have been a 
valuable asset to the family


A traditional Bedfordshire bolster lace pillow and its pillow horse


The seamstress has left her embroidery hoop and thimble on her work table
ready to resume her work.

The thimble is made of recycled ivory and is barely one eighth of an inch high.




Like the laundry, the kitchen has a flagstone floor, and plain whitewashed walls


The range is the very latest fixture in the house, replacing the 
open Tudor fire and spit


The Tudor hutch is the perfect place for the new bread to cool



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Linda Butt       
October 2005